en: How to disable pop-up notification for Skype on Mac OS X

So, I’m a Mac OS user for almost an year now, and to increase my productivity I always disable notifications whenever I can.

For Skype, I used to turn-off the app when running my pomodoros (in my case songdoros), cause I don’t want to receive notifications from it. But, sometimes people call me using Skype and Skype-in calls my mobile. So, I want to know people are calling me and delay the response for later. I don’t want to be disturbed.

Are you a Mac OS user? Want to disable those pop-ups in Skype?
So there you go!

Go to System Preferences, check category “Other” and there you have Growl. Click on it, and you will see a list of applications that are using Growl. Select Skype and then click Configure >> Notifications. Now you can set preferences for events related to Skype.

Example, disable Contact Signed In or Contact Signed Out and get your focus back!