Why Forming, Storming Norming and Performing?

So, this blog has this name because one of the things I like most is about preparing teams to succeed by removing waste through continuous improvement cycles, building culture, morale, communication, transparency and 110% focus on code quality, using testing tools and techniques together with eXtreme Programming disciplines and Lean Thinking. And when we are working with teams, they have these stages to grow. The Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing is a term from 1965, first proposed by Bruce Tuckman. But it’s very useful to me.

Who am I?

My name is Daniel Wildt, and I’m a Software Developer. Since 1997 I’ve been working inside IT companies, building software and helping teams to improve. I had my own companies from 2002 to 2006 (consultancy and training) and nowadays I’m back on the market helping teams to apply Agile Methodologies (subject I work with since 2003) and improve. I teach at a college classes related to Software Quality and Software Testing, Agile Methodologies, Programming Languages and Software Engineering in general), since 2004.

I have a big interest in Technology Users Group. I’ve been helping those since 2002, where I started helping the Rio Grande do Sul Java Users Group (RSJUG), then in 2003 I have founded the Delphi Users Group from Rio Grande do Sul (DUG-RS). In 2004, I founded with my great friend Guilherme Lacerda the eXtreme Programming Users Group from Rio Grande do Sul – XPRS (nowadays called Agile Methodologies Users Group from Rio Grande do Sul – GUMA-RS). I help on founding of the Software Testing Users Group from Rio Grande do Sul (GUTS-RS) and now I’m helping on the creation of a Ruby Users Group here in the state where I live too. As you can see, I love communities and knowledge sharing opportunities.

Inside the college where I teach, I’ve created an initiative called Study Groups, which I actually started during my RSJUG coordination time, where we have study groups related to Java, .NET, PHP and Ruby. From this initiative, I’ve been involved with java.net portal, helping the Education Community @ java.net. With this, I was able to expand the study group initiative to other educational institutions inside Brazil.

Where am I?

Physically I’m in the South of Brazil, Porto Alegre. You can find me on Twitter (@dwildt) and LinkedIn. You can find me in some other channels, but professionally, those are the ones I spend time “networking”. Also, you can check my books and DVDs selection at my Amazon store.

Where am I spending my time?
Rising Stars Basketball is a company focused on basketball clinics and amateur tournaments. It helps young kids to develop their games through these clinics and tips one can find inside the website. In portuguese. There’s also a channel on Twitter (@rsbasketball). I’m a volunteer helping on basketball clinics and with website/twitter updates.
Users Group
Delphi Users Group Rio Grande do Sul (DUG-RS), a group created in 2003 that studies and supports Embarcadero Delphi and Delphi Prism. I’ve founded this one and currently I’m helping on community leadership.
eXtreme Programming Users Group from Rio Grande do Sul, XP-RS (a.k.a. Agile Methodologies Users Group From Rio Grande do Sul – GUMA-RS) a group created in 2004, focused on eXtreme Programming and open to study and share information about other methodologies after 2005. I’ve founded this one and currently I’m helping on community leadership.
GUTS-RS is the Software Testing Users Group focusing on discussing testing methodologies, tools, principles and practices.
GURU-RS is the Ruby Users Group, focused on discussing Ruby language and its available frameworks like Rails and others.
The Java Users Group is a group I continue working with as a collaborator. I’ve worked on the coordination team from 2002 to 2005.
Knowledge Sharing Initiatives
JEDI – Java Education and Learning Initiative is a great initiative to learn Java. In Brazil DFJUG (Distrito Federal Java Users Group) is the group responsible for the initiative. I’m the contact in Rio Grande do Sul state.
Education and Learning @ java.net, where I’m a volunteer helping on project approval and finding new projects to get into java.net space.
Study Groups – More info at java.net project related to study groups
FUJA is the Java Study Group from FACENSA. It is responsible to help students to get faster into the market using Java. You can find classdiary, fumigant, fumo, question and learn framework and other initiatives supported by FUJA from FACENSA students.
FACENSA.NET is a .NET Study Group from FACENSA. The NGO support software (spm.net) is an example of project supported by the study group.
FUROR is the Ruby and Ruby on Rails study group from FACENSA. You can find projects like BigCar and some other sandbox projects. GreenAgile (located inside github) is also one initiative from FUROR.
FUPHP is the PHP study group from FACENSA. It leads projects like horascomplementares.
Code Repositories & Open Source Projects
Google Code repository is a place where you will find code I develop inside some study groups, some labs and projects related to students final projects.
GitHub repositories. You will find there GreenAgile, a project idea from Luciano Costa and developed by students learning Ruby, Rails and JQuery.
java.net: inside java.net repository you can find ClassDiary, and projects related to Study Groups from FACENSA.
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  1. Fernando
    Aug 05, 2010 @ 21:16:13

    Primeira vez que entro no Blog do Daniel e queria parabenizá-lo por mais este ambiente com conteúdo muito bom sobre tecnologias.

    Um abraço parceiro de floripa!


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